Container / tank :

Self - supporting container which is made of high - quality aluminium , wallthickness is reduced, in cylindrical form or caseform, total capacity up to 47.000 ltr., subdivided in 4 - 8 compartments.

Passiv Security :

Security - Doubleendgrounds in the back
a camera to drive backwards, including a monitor.

Chassis :

Aircushioned axle unit including an electronical brake system and a lifting gear / sinking gear.
A lifting axle and/or a steering axle on request.
Unsaddlement support for idle unsaddling.
Mudguard made of light metal.

Dome armatures (corresponding to the research report 203 BAM) :

According to the model it will be equiped with:

Dome lid DN 530 in a lowered form, with or without a fillopening, pneumatik flip valve, continuous fire ventilator including a gas - pendulum - connection, direction device, overload securing according to VOC 94/63/EG or at higher valency, raincover.

Dome aperture (Toploading) :

It is welded stationary, within the (Dom-)aperture you can find a gangway and a flap banister according to UVV.
An ascent ladder is mounted at the rear.

Armature cupboards :

On the left and on the right it is made of light metal to pick up the loading - output armature and the quality control.

Discharge armatures :

Filling protection :

Multiple - filling protection for simultaneous output from different compartments. Multiple - filling protection for simultaneous output over measuring facilities with plugs which identify the product.

Bottom loading :

The complete Bottom Loading Equipment is stored in the left armature cupboard (Bottom-Loading), at s.o. request you will find the outputadapter for the unmeasured outputs on the left side ("Direct - phase - out" Model).

Product control - Quality securing :

At the request of our customers we will install the systems of all manufacturer into the tank vehicles.

Tube - pipes :

On the right side and on the left side of our containers we have planned to install pipes which can pick up the product tubes and the gas - pendulum - tubes as well as crosstubes in front or in the armature cupboards.

Electrical installation :

According to the STVZO , ADR and GGVS
Eight-Chamber-Lamps installed into the bumpers, additional high mounted Three-Chamber-Lamps which are installed at the final ground.

Armature cupboard-, Outline-, Limiting- and Side Marking Lamps as well as working headlights
Return Camera is installed at the final ground.

Lacquer :

According to your up to date Lacquer Regulations we offer the lacquer with Acrylic Lacquer including the inscription.

Accessories :

Tool cupboards are made of aluminium or plastic,
Fire extingguisher including the holders and the covers,
Earthing flat links including a sufficient number of nails,
Warning signs,
Hazard signs,
Holding devices for Reduce - Pieces,
Gas - Pendulum - Tube - Cylinders,

Acceptance :

A vetting is made of the density and the function; Acceptance according to STVZO,ADR and GGVS.
Measuring Facilities will be calibrated;
The introduction is given to the drivers who will work with the control parts.

All weights and standard declarations should be understood as approximate merits. Technical changes are reserved for futher developments.